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The Glory of Blue & White


heshire Cat Chatter

The Cheshire Cat Gallery


We're open 4th of July ~ stop by for a visit!

Interior Decorators have long had a love affair with Blue & White China & Porcelain. We have gathered a sampling of exquisite ideas that will inspire you to declare your independent decorating style by looking to the experts. The Cat is just the place to find that "must have" to set you apart & have people wondering - Where did you get that?

Carolyne Roehm

Carolyne Roehm is the quintessential Queen of Blue & White China.

Author of A Passion for Blue & White; Roehm displays her personal collections.

Her vision with the use of classical elements will inspire you to add to your collection or start one today.

Shown below found in galleries @ The Cat;

Asian Students & A Vessel Lamp

Chinese Incense Burner with Dragons & Drinking Vessel

@ The Cat from an exclusive collection

with a fabulous wall display of Blue & White China & Table Lamps.

Create this look today ~ stop by The Cat.

Blue & White Import/Export Ware from China

@ The Cat

This is just the tip of the beautiful Blue & White China @ The Cat.

Come take a "look see."


China & Porcelain Restoration

Gustens Porcelain Restoration Studio

They work with clients across the United States and Canada as well as antique dealers, museums, interior designers, house-keeping services and disaster clean-up services. They also work with moving companies and postal claims.

Drop items off @ The Cat & we will handle the details.

Gustens' Porcelain Clinic @ The Cat

Cheshire Cat Gallery

(Downstairs) 2050 Clark Avenue, Raleigh, NC

Bring your items for estimates or drop off before July 9th & we will handle the details.


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